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Associated Women Students
Corporate body

The A.W.S. dates back to 1925 when Dean of Women, Beth Porter Garvey, organized the Women's Council to act as a medium between administration and the women of the college. The Women's Council joined with the Men's Council to form the Student Council during the 1931-1932 school year. In June 1932 a new organization, the Women's Self-Government Association (W.S.G.A.) was formed. Its purpose was to create a sense of unity and fellowship amongst women. The A.W.S. also promoted high standards of college life regarding studying, living quarters, dress, social activities, etc. They changed their name to "Associated Women Students" in 1947.  The A.W.S. is listed in the 1972-1973 student handbook as a student governing agency, but is no longer listed in the 1973-1974 student handbook.

Corporate body

The Association of Central Minnesota Teachers of History was established in 1971. Dr. Calvin Gower, Dr. Marjorie Morse, and Dr. Edward Pluth and faculty members of St. Cloud State University helped to organize the group. The Association had two purposes: to establish a stronger bond between the teachers of history in Central Minnesota and to strengthen the position of history in the programs of the schools of Central Minnesota. The organization dissolved in 1980.

Athletic Media Relations
Corporate body

The office of Sports Information was established in 1965. Its purpose is to publicize St. Cloud State intercollegiate athletics, creating schedules, press releases, media guides, and other promotional material for each sport.

Those who have served as head of this office are:

1965-1975: Bob Peterson

1975-1976: William Lynch (acting)

1976-1978: William Lynch

1978-1979: Robert Olson (acting)

1979-1982: Robert Olson

1982-1983: Michael Schroeder (acting)

1983-1984: Michael Schroeder

1984-1985: Anne Abicht (acting)

1985-2015: Anne Abicht

2015-2021: Tom Nelson

2021-2022+: Andrew Melroe

The unit was renamed Athletic Media Relations from Sports Information in ca. 1996.

Atwood Memorial Center
Corporate body · 1966-present

Atwood Memorial Center opened in the fall of 1966 as the social hub for St. Cloud State students as well as serving the campus community. Atwood has gone under many physical and administrative changes since 1966, but the mission remains the same - serve the student.

As St. Cloud State grew into a university, especially after World War II and the coming of age of the early Baby Boomer, calls for a student union increased. After a 1956 study authored by St. Cloud State regarding a campus student union, the process began to make it a reality. By 1961, efforts were underway to create a "living room for campus", including a student survey. In that survey, 80% of student polled were willing to be assessed a fees to support a student union.

Fundraising commenced to support the construction of a $1.5 million student union with students, friends and alumni, and the state to each pay a third of the cost. Ultimately, the state refused to pay for their third and unclear how the funds were raised.

Named for the Atwood family due to their financial support for the construction, and the fact that they building stood on the spot where their family home sat, Atwood opened its doors in September 1964. Over the next 40 years, the building expanded its physical footprint (1972, 1992, 2004) and remodeled countless times to support the changing tastes and needs of St. Cloud State students thus still being the "living Room for campus."

Atwood Memorial Center Directors:

Roger Wehrle: 6/1966-4/1971

Warren Reinecke: 7/1971-6/1972

Pat Krueger: 6/1972-6/1973 (acting)

Gary Bartlett: 7/1973-12/1981

Michael Hayman: 1/1982-6/1982 (acting)

Joseph Basil: 7/1982-7/1986

Joe Opatz: 8/1986-2/1995

Karla Myres: 1/1993-5/1993 (acting)

Margaret Vos: 2/1995-4/1998 (interim)

Margaret Vos: 4/1998-6/2013

Ed Bouffard: 7/2001-6/2002, 7/2006-6/2008 (interim)

Jessica Ostman: 7/2013-4/2014 (interim)

Anne Buttke: 4/2014-12/2014

Matt Trombley: 1/2014-10/2016 (interim)

Mitch Karstens: 11/2016-7/2018

Jessica Ostman: 9/2018-1/2020 (interim)

Clare Rahm: 1/2020-1/2021 (interim)

Matt Trombley: 1/2021+

Avon Literary Society
Corporate body

In October 1915, the Avon Literary Society was organized to study the works of Shakespeare. Its name was derived from the river Avon on which Stratford, the town where Shakespeare lived, is located. The purpose of the Avon Literary Society was the literary advancement of its members, to give members practice using parliamentary rules, and to assist its members in becoming more useful to the school and society. The society is not listed in the Talahi yearbook after the 1937-1938 school year. The last mention is from the January 31, 1947 issue of the Chronicle that notes the Avon Literary Society had disbanded.

Bailey, Maurine
Person · 1903-1974

Maurine Gray Bailey was born on April 24, 1903, to Henry and Minnie Bailey in Prairie Du Chen, Wisconsin. By 1920 the family had moved to Foley, Minnesota. Bailey then arrived the St. Cloud Teachers College in June 1921 and graduated in June 1923. After graduating she married Clyde Everett Shattuck on November 27, 1924 and had one daughter named Marie (1927-?) and two sons named Malcolm (1929-1967) and Hallan (1938-?). Clyde passed away in 1955 at the age of 62 and Maurine married Arthur Kohl in 1967. Maurine Gray Shattuck-Kohl died February 5, 1974 at the age of 70 and buried at Acacia Cemetery in Clearwater, MN.

Barrett, Roger

Retired SCSU Music faculty member