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Academic Affairs
Corporate body

The use of the title of "provost" began in 2002. As of 2023, the person who holds this position is also the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

Aero Club
Corporate body

The Aero Club was established in the fall of 1948 through the initiative of faculty and students, including WWII veterans, who were reluctant to give up flying as a way of life. The club began with a war surplus Link trainer but the following year they aquired the club's first aircraft, an Aeronca. In the 1950s the club joined the National Intercollegiate Flying Assocation (N.I.F.A.) so their team, called the Flying Saints, could compete in air meets. The Aviation program at SCSU ended in 2014.

Agrell, Isabel Lewis
Person · 1916-2000

Isabel was the daughter of Claude Lewis, who was the older brother of author Sinclair Lewis.

Alderink, George
Person · 1889-1977

George Alderink was born in 1889, he married Bessie Toussaint and had four children. Alderink was a Minnesota state representative from District 55, serving from 1954 until 1958. Alderink lived in Pease, Minnesota until his death in 1977.

Alumni Association
Corporate body · 1881-

The St. Cloud State Alumni Association was established on April 28, 1881. That year there were two hundred and six graduates of St. Cloud College who were eligible to join the association. The Alumni Association has dedicated itself to keeping graduates of the school connected with their alma mater and also on raising funds for resources and items such as scholarships and memorials.

The alumni association was established on April 28, 1881, where Professor Thomas Gray was elected president. Others elected at that time include:

Vice President : Flora M. Truman

Corresponding Secretary: Mary L. Upham

Recording Secretary: W.H. Alden

Records are sparse from the early period of the Association’s history but continue to grow in size as the years progress.

On March 26, 1932, the Alumni Association was incorporated in the state of Minnesota. The bylaws called for the association to be run and managed by a Board of Directors. Board members were to be elected for terms of office.

In 1965, an alumni executive director was hired to help plan and expedite events and services offered through the Alumni Association. Though its not clear how this position related to the director of alumni relations position, its likely it was the same person doing two different but related jobs.

In the 1966 Handbook for Chapter Coordinators, it states that the general purposes of the Alumni Association are:

• To promote the objectives of St. Cloud State College through the establishment and maintenance of contact between the college, its graduates and its students.

• To promote effective interest in and loyalty to St. Cloud State College on the part of its alumni and the public in general.

• To foster and encourage good scholarship and to offer awards and appropriate means of recognition for excellence in all forms of educational endeavors of various kinds contributing to the welfare of St. Cloud State College.

The specific purposes of the Alumni Chapters and Coordinators are:

• To be a communication link between the Alumni Association and the graduates.

• To sponsor annual alumni reunions.

• To assist the Alumni Office in the updating of alumni records.

• To serve in the advisory capacity to the Alumni Board of Directors.

• To identify potential leadership among Alumni Association members.

• To assist in the growth of the Alumni Association program.

In 1963, the association began presenting the Distinguished Alumni Awards to former outstanding students. The awards were (and still are) made during the annual Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner on Homecoming weekend.

Also taking place during Homecoming is the annual meeting of the Alumni Association. The membership is given the financial statement of the Association and program reports are given by both the Alumni Director and Alumni President. Every two years, Association officers are elected at the annual meeting.

St. Cloud State University procured the house that is now known as the Alumni House on November 17, 1972. The house was designed by a local architect named Louis Pinault and built in 1924 by Hubert Hansen. The house was built for Dr. Claude Lewis, who was a prominent surgeon and was also the brother of famous author Sinclair Lewis. After the death of Dr. Lewis, his second wife sold the house to L. Ferne Atwood in 1964. The state then purchased the Lewis-Atwood home due to the accelerating growth of the university grounds.

A notable event that was presented by the Alumni Association was the 125th Anniversary of St. Cloud State University. The official kick-off took place on September 10, 1994 at the Capitol grounds in St. Paul. The festivities included a relay-style event called “Journey to St. Cloud” which featured various modes of transportation from the steps of the Capitol to the campus in St. Cloud. According to Bob Dinndorf, SCSU Alumni Association Executive Director, “We want the transportation in the journey to mark progression from historical to modern. The journey will take place along Highway 10. We would like to feature special events in the communities along Highway 10.” (Letter, dated April 19, 1994)

Alumni Relations
Corporate body

The position of director of Alumni Affairs was first established in 1965. At that time, an alumni executive director was hired to help plan and expedite events and services offered through the Alumni Association. Though it’s not clear how this position related to the alumni executive director, its likely it was the same person doing two different but related jobs.

According the St. Cloud State faculty/staff directories the following have held the position, except where noted:

According the St. Cloud State faculty/staff directories the following have held the position, except where noted:

1965-67: Jay Blaha, Director of Alumni Relations (1)

1967-69: Warren Johnson, Director of Alumni and Development

1969-72: Michael Keable, Director of Alumni Services

1972-77: Richard Kisch, Director of Alumni Services

1977-78: Bruce Boehne, Acting Director of Alumni Services

1978-84: Tom Macgillivray, Director of Alumni Services

1984-87 Joanne Benson Director of Alumni Services

1987-96: Bob Dinndorf, Director of Alumni Relations

1996-2002: Jim Stigman, Director of Alumni Relations

2002-04: Calvin Miller, Director of Alumni Programs

2004-06: Mark Larson, Director of Alumni Relations

2006-08: Kurt Stelton, Director of Alumni Relations

2008-: Chris LeDuc, Interim Director of Alumni Relations

One of the main objectives of the office of Alumni Affairs was to correspond with former students, keeping the lines of communication open between the school and its alumnus. In addition, the office also raised money for scholarships.

The Alumni Affairs office began printing the newsletter, The St. Cloud State College Magazine, in 1973. The editor’s letter in the first edition states that the publication “will attempt to bridge the chasms of time and distance which separate you from the St. Cloud State College campus and other alumni.” The magazine was to be published four times a year.

The St. Cloud State College Magazine consisted of a variety of articles, including items on the Distinguished Alumni Awards presented by the Alumni Association, scholarships, homecoming events, and notices on former students. Also included were articles on new dorm policies, the move of the Alumni Association to the Lewis/Atwood home, and information on membership to the Alumni Association.

Corporate body

The American Association of University Professors began in 1915, to “advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education’s contribution to the common good.” The Minnesota Chapter of the AAUP serves as a representation for faculty across the state.

Corporate body · 1922-

The Saint Cloud branch of the American Association of University Women, A.A.U.W., was formed in 1922 with an original membership of thirty-one. It has been in continuous operation since then and now (1975) numbers slightly over 200 members.

The club is comprised of St. Cloud area women who have graduated from A.A.U.W. approved colleges and universities throughout the world.

Through it programs and activities the club has delved into countless fields during its 53 years. Here is a sampling of topics covered: The Role of Women as Makers of History; Is Palestine to be Restored to the Jew?; American Lyricists; The Subconscious; Modern Music and Art; Drama; New Science as Related; Portraits of Minnesota Pioneer Women; Law and Child; Education; International Relations; Portraits of Minnesota Pioneer Women; Law and Citizen. All these and many more have been researched and discussed by the club.

In December of 1922 the group started its first venture in raising money to establish an annual scholarship fund to assist deserving students. The fund has been a continuous project for the club.

In 1924, the organization began to form into special interest groups and committees with the first being; The Pre-School Group for Mothers of Elementary Age Children. Other groups soon followed: International Relations Group (October, 1926); The Music and Drama Group (October, 1928); The Literature and Writing Group (September, 1934); The Art Group (October, 1934); The Education Committee (1934); The Consumers Problems Group (September, 1936); The Status of Women Committee (1939); and, The Fellowship Committee. All these groups and committees research their particular area and make reports to the club as a whole.

In 1925, the St. Cloud branch joined the new State Organization and voted to follow its constitution. Miss Pape Quayle was delegate to the first state convention in St. Paul in 1925. In May 1929, the St. Cloud Club sent its first representative to the National Convention in New Orleans; Miss Ethel Graves.

The club, through the years, has also done work and raised money for charitable organizations and social welfare campaigns. Year after year, the club has worked and given generously to such things as the Red Cross, Easter Seals, CARE, SPAN, Save the Children Federation, Christmas Seals, and the like. Although National Headquarters urged the local clubs not to give as a whole, individual works and donations are still give.

Anderson, Albertina
Person · 1876-1964

Albertina Cecelia Anderson was born on August 5, 1876 in Barsness township, MN to John and Sara Anderson. She attended (and then graduated) St. Cloud Normal School from 1892-1896. She later attended the University of Minnesota and Columbia University. Anderson began teaching right away in 1896 at Washington public school in St. Cloud. In 1906, Anderson was hired by St. Cloud State as a teacher and principal at the campus model school. She retired in 1944. Her official title at her retirement in 1944 was the principle of Riverview school. During her years as a teacher she had many philanthropic ventures ranging from school hot lunch initiatives to federal supported programs. During her time on campus she was a close personal friend and roommate to Miss Isabel Lawrence. Anderson passed away on January 2, 1964 at the age of 87 and buried in Fron Cemetery in Starbuck, MN.

Anderson, Jerald
Person · 1934-2014

Jerald Anderson was a DFL Minnesota state senator from District 19. He born in Sunrise, Minnesota in 1934. He graduated from North Branch High School, studied dentistry at the University of Minnesota. Anderson later served in the United States Army Dental Corps from 1959-1961. Jerald married Patsy Ann Young in 1957, and had three sons: Jeffrey, Brent, and Patrick. He won the 1970 election to the Minnesota state Senate and served on the Education, Finance, and Judiciary Committees.