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The purpose of the Young Women's Christian Association was to develop Christian character especially through study of the Bible. Additionally, the association conducted active Christian work to extend the Kingdom of God throughout the world. The first record of the YWCA at St. Cloud State was in 1887 and believed the club existed until sometime in the mid-1950s.

Yoos, George

Retired SCSU faculty member

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The bi-monthly publication, in which its first issue appeared on June 27, 1980, included historic reviews of the communities in the Wright County area. It also served as a vehicle for advertisers who wanted a large yet concentrated coverage for his/her business or company in the Wright County area.

On June 23, 1981, the name changed to Wright-Way...Sher-Way Shopper to include Sherburne County.

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Women's Recreation Association was a student organization that was established in March 1929 and was active to around the 1977/1978 academic school year. First established as a chapter of the national Women's Athletic Association to promote women's participation and development in athletics and physical education, the W.A.A. would retain this national affilition through December 1961. The organization adopted the name Women's Recreation Association (W.R.A.) because they believed it would make the organization more inclusive to all female students on campus, as well as be more reflective of all the activities and sports that the group hosted and coordinated on campus.

The W.R.A. also marks the begining of women's intercollegiate sports on campus. The group hosted tournaments for women's volleyball and basketball, as well as organizing leagues for softball, gynamstics, and track and field events alongside the various other extracurricular activities the organization hosted.

The W.R.A. appears in the student handbook for the last time in the 1977/1978 academic school year. It is unclear why they disbanded.

Women's Center
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The Women’s Center was established in late fall of 1989.


Jane Olsen: 10/1989-6/2022
Rebecca Kotz :7/2022-6/2023 (interim)
Heather Brown: 7/2023-

Wilson, Joseph P.

Joseph P. Wilson was born in Columbia Falls, Maine on March 16, 1823. Wilson, along with George F. Brott and C.T. Stearns, purchased and platted the land that would become Lower Town of St. Cloud, Minnesota. Wilson studied law in Geneva, Illinois and in 1846 enlisted for the Mexican War as part of an Illinois regiment. After the war, Wilson married Mary P. Corbett and moved to St. Anthony Falls, Minnesota in 1850. Upon arriving in Minnesota, Wilson became involved in real estate, purchasing property in what is now northeast Minneapolis and in St. Anthony Park. Wilson also purchased property in what would become St. Cloud. He also worked in the lumbering, mercantile, and railroad business. He served as a Ramsey county commissioner from 1852 to 1855, was a member of the 1858 Minnesota constitutional convention, and served as a Minnesota state senator from 1864 to 1865.

Wilson was an original landowner in the new city of St. Cloud, Minnesota.

He moved to St. Cloud in 1863 and built a house in East St. Cloud in 1888. It was here that he platted more city lots and lived until his death on February 18, 1900. His wife Mary and their five children survived him - Justus A. Wilson (1851), Ida Wilson Van Cleve (1854), Franklin B. Wilson (1859), Edith Wilson Thompson (1861), and Helen Wilson Schwartz (1865). Wilson is buried in St. Cloud's North Star Cemetery.

Joseph was the brother of one of St. Cloud's founders, John L. Wilson.

Wick, Robert H.

St. Cloud State president from 1965 to 1971. He also served as a faculty member in Speech Communication and, after retirement from St. Cloud State, served as various interim capacities on campus.

Wenstrom, Gene
Person · 1946-

Gene Wenstrom was born in Fergus Falls, Minnesota in 1946. He was a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and served in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 1975 to 1978 for District 11A. He campaigned unsuccessfully for the 7th Congressional district, Minnesota in 1982. He has two children, Daniel and Tamara, with his wife LeAnn.

Wegner, Herman A.
Person · 1877-1947

Herman A. Wegner was born in 1877. Around 1923, he moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota from Montana. He resided in St. Cloud from that time until his death in 1947. He had worked on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana as a teacher. He also worked on the Blackfeet Reservation as an engineer. He owned some rental property, from which he secured an income. He also worked in Minnesota at the Veteran's Administration Hospital, and did some extra carpentry work.

Wegner married Christine M. Clausen (1889-1980) in around 1912. The couple had two children: Henry Wegner, born in 1915 or 1916, and Rose Wegner, born in 1918. Henry lived in St. Cloud all his life. Rose resided in St. Cloud until about the age of 19. She then moved to Washington D.C., where she worked in the Census Bureau, and later moved to Chicago and Minneapolis, working in federal government agencies. She was with the Department of Interior office in Minneapolis for many years. She returned to St. Cloud around 1973, and died there in 1984.