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Archival description
Architectural Drawings
157 · Collection · 1905-2000

Series 1: Architectural Drawings

This series contains architectural drawings related to current buildings and buildings that used to be on St. Cloud State’s campus. The collection features many projects from the early 20th century as well as several from the 1960s when St. Cloud State’s campus expanded significantly. Since many of these buildings are gone or have changed, these drawings are especially informative with regard to what these buildings originally looked like at the time of construction. Nearly all of the drawings show the building either as they were intended to be constructed or were constructed. There are few drawings that show changes to the building AFTER they were constructed.

Construction documents, the detailed plans and specifications used to construct a building or structure, make up the bulk of materials in these campus building projects. Some projects may include earlier drawings from the Schematic and Design Development phases, where projects go from concept to refined design before final approval, or later As Built drawings that show a building’s appearance after construction, which might differ from what Construction Documents indicate. Architectural drawings have their own unique numbering system. Older projects in this series may follow a simple numerical sequence. More recent projects follow an alphanumeric system. Drawings with sheet numbers starting with A are architectural, S are structural, M are mechanical, E are electrical, and SK are sketch. The majority of the drawings are copies or prints made from originals that would have been drawn on vellum or similar material or copies printed from an original digital format.

Series 2: Architectural Renderings

This series contains architectural renderings related to buildings on St. Cloud State’s campus. They were primarily used by the architectural designers for presentation purposes to convey a sense of what a finished project might look like. Renderings in this series include painted and hand drawn perspectives and prints of 3D computer models. Not all of the designs in the series were built.

St. Cloud State University
Economic Impact Reports
Collection · 1962 - 1993

These materials measure and describe the economic impact of St. Cloud State University on the city of St. Cloud and neighboring communities between 1962 and 1993.

St. Cloud State University
194 · Collection · 1869-2000s

This collection covers a wide variety of topics at St. Cloud State University - people, places, events, units, and athletics.  The collection was created from a huge and poorly unorganized mess of photographic prints held in University Archives.  Since the orgainization of the prints was poor, an artificial order was imposed on them to make more accessible.

Dating mostly from roughly between the early 1970s and the late 1990s, there are no specific creators but it is suspected that the University Photographer took many of the images and that the negatives from them are in the University Photographer collection. If not the University Photographer, the images were likely taken by other university employees for university business. If so, the copyright is held by St. Cloud State University.

Photographic print color snapshots, which date from the last half of the 1990s, are very likely not in the University Photographer Collection. There are images that do date before 1970s, especially mostly of buildings, which date before and after the turn of the 20th century, but are a small majority of the total images. Most images are undated and unidentified - the images were put into an appropriate series. To date the images, one must look at content and decide on an approximate date.

This collection is separated into two groups, then into series. Within those series, some are divided into sub-series when appropriate. The description below applies to both groups of images.

Series 1: Athletics

The series is divided by sport and then by gender, if applicable, within the sport. Nearly all of the images are action, group, and team shots of various sports.

Series 2: Buildings and Spaces

This series contains photographic prints of mostly campus buildings and space. There are some slides that depict locations outside of campus and are not.

This series is divided into three sub-series;

Sub-series 1: General Campus

This sub-series contains slides showing campus by air, campus artwork, mostly outdoors, and campus scenes. Campus scenes show various exterior spots on campus and often contain multiple campus buildings. These images often show people within these spaces, which focus mostly on the space.

Sub-series 2: Specific Campus Buildings and Spaces

Divided by specific campus buildings and space, the images show most often the exterior and, sometimes, the interior of buildings. The slides are sub-divided when appropriate by folder. Some material here show the interior of campus buildings extensively, most notably Centennial Hall as a library (1971-2000), as well as Garvey Commons, and Kiehle as a library (1952-1971). The images show mostly students interacting with the space.

The oversize photographs date before and just after 1900, especially for Old Main, both Lawrence Halls, Riverview, Shoemaker Hall, and the Old Model School.

If there was a specific event associated with a campus building or space, such as groundbreakings, dedications, and cornerstone layings, the slides were placed in this series and not the Social Activities and Events series.

Sub-series 3: Non-campus Buildings and Spaces

There weresome images that showed non-campus spaces, such as downtown St. Cloud, downtown Minneapolis, 10th Street / University bridge, and the neighborhood surrounding the campus as it grew. There are some images that were included here that are now part of campus but when taken were not, such as those that list intersections by street names, and include those homes that stood nearby.  These homes no longer stand.

Series 3: Campus Units and Organizations

This series contains materials related specifically to campus units, including departments, programs, and student groups by name. if there were events specifically associated with a unit, those images appear here, especially those for Learning Resources Services.

Series 4: People

This series focuses mostly on images of students, though there are some images here that are not student related. These students are shown together in groups, walking on campus, participating in class, studying, relaxing in their resident hall rooms, attending athletic events, participating in recreational sports, and as cheeleaders, danceline, or as the Husky mascot.

This series does not contain all images of students but those that were generally identified as students outside of those images that appeared in those related to Centennial Hall and other campus buildings, participating in study-abroad programs, or those depicted in social activities and events.

The oversize images are particularly rich, containing the class composite photos and individual faculty and student protraits, many of which appeared on the composite class photos.

Series 5: Social Activities and Events

Filed in alphabetical order, this series contains slides from specific events such as homecoming, commencement, and registration, to politicians, musical groups, and Hollywood actors. Those folders labeled as "Campus Events" contain images in which the specific event is unidentified.

Series 6: Other

This series contains imagess that did not fit into any of the above categories. Most notable are photo albums from St. Cloud State's centennial celebration as well as the 1975 celebration related to St. Cloud State (and other state four year schools) changing its status from a college to a university.

Series 7: Large Oversize Images

This series contains very large oversize images that could not fit into archival boxes. Due to their size, a separate series was created, but are a small majority of this collection. Particularly notable are the panoramic images from the 1910s and 1920s that featured all students and faculty, usually taken in front of Old Main and Lawrence Hall.

St. Cloud State University
Records of Alumni Relations
13 · Collection · 1962-1991

This collection contains records from the Alumni Affairs organization (sometimes known as Alumni Services or Alumni Relations) on the St. Cloud State University campus. The items date from 1962 to 1991, with the greater number of items dating from the 1970s and 1980s. Additions to this series may be ongoing.

The majority of materials in this collection are pieces of correspondence between the Alumni Affairs office with former students. These items make up the bulk of the collection and the biographical files are arranged in alphabetical order. These files include a myriad of items, including photographs, correspondence, newspaper articles, donation histories, funeral programs, and obituaries. Some of the biographical files are very large whilst others are quite sparse.

There are a few former prominent students that the Alumni Affairs office kept extensive information on in their offices. These students include Cyril Plattes, Ralph Heimdahl, US Congressman Nick Begich, and Dr. Richard Green.

Cyril Plattes was the Benefactor of the Friedrich Scholarship Fund. This scholarship was set up in the name of a science professor at St. Cloud State that would grant money to students studying environmental issues. For many years Plattes wished that his name be kept anonymous and not linked to the memorial fund. In 1973 the first scholarship in conservation from the George Friedrich Memorial fund was presented to five students.

Ralph Heimdahl graduated from the St. Cloud State Teacher’s College in 1930. He was an art teacher at the State School for the Deaf in Faribault, MN. Later he joined the animation department at Walt Disney Studios, and in 1948 he originated the Bugs Bunny comic strip for Warner Brothers. Heimdahl won the SCSU Distinguished Alumni Award in 1966. An endowed scholarship was established by his widow after his death in 1981 to provide financial assistance to students studying art.

Nick Begich graduated from St. Cloud with the class of 1952 and went on to become a US Congressman in Alaska. On October 16, 1972, he lost his life on a plane flight in Alaska along with U.S. Majority Leader Hale Boggs. The Nick Begich Memorial Commission was established by the St. Cloud State College Alumni Association in 1973 in tribute to the life and work of the former student. The purpose of the Commission was to establish a scholarship fund at St. Cloud State College which would enable political science majors to serve internships in Washington with members of Congress and for other political science scholarships. (2)

Another prominent alumnus included in the files is Dr. Richard Green. He graduated from St. Cloud State College with an MS in Special Education in 1968 and received his doctorate in Educational Administration from Harvard. He worked as Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools, beginning either in 1980 or 1981. Dr. Green was the recipient of the 1981 Distinguished Alumni Award. In 1988 he was hired to be the Chancellor of the New York City Schools.

The collection also includes miscellaneous materials on events, a slideshow narration, The St. Cloud State College Magazine, and the position descriptions for the head of Alumni Affairs.

The slideshow narration, Instructional Guide for Filmstrip on St. Cloud State College, was prepared for the Alumni Affairs Office by Doreen M. Keable. The script (sans actual slides or audio cassette) is dated March 13, 1970. According to the script, there is a series of forty color slides that are accompanied by a taped narration. The length of the presentation was approximately ten minutes. Some of the objectives of the slideshow include welcoming alumni and friends of the school to homecoming and other alumni functions.

Alumni Relations
20 · Collection · 1925-2020+

Athletic Media Relations records contains promotional material created for each St. Cloud State intercollegiate sport, 1920s-2010+.  The records are primarily from the 1960s and on.  Depending on the sport, materials contained are press releases, media guides, programs, schedules, and score sheets.  Some sports, such as hockey, are rich with information; others, such as cross country and skiing, are not as well documented.

The records are arranged in three series.

Series 1: Administrative Records

Records here did not deal with specific sports.  Included are press releases that did not deal with a specific sports or several sports within each release, bound programs for athletic contests, and other miscellaneous material.

Series 2: Biographical Files

This series contains biographical information on athletes and coaches while at St. Cloud State and date primarily from the 1970s and on.  Records here include forms filled out by athletes and coaches containing biographical information, press releases, clippings, and photographs.  Some files simply contain photographs, while others may contained a great deal of information on the person.

Series 3: Sports

This series includes intercollegiate sports. Depending on the sport, materials contained are press releases, media guides, programs, schedules, and score sheets.  Some sports, such as hockey, are rich with information; others, such as cross country and skiing, are not as well documented.

Athletic Media Relations
37 · Collection · 1934-2003

This collection contains records of Institutional Effectiveness. Founded in the late 1930s, the main task of this office was to "organize and conduct research studies to provide information and data, serving as a basis for University decision making..." The bulk of the records here serve that purpose, gathering and presenting information about St. Cloud State students, faculty, curriculum, and facilities.

Series 1: Administrative Records

This series contains annual reports, history of Institutional Effectiveness, and faculty rosters.  The faculty rosters are significant as they list biographical information about St. Cloud State faculty, including salary.  There are additional faculty rosters in Series 2 on microfiche.

Series 2: Reports

This series has a wide variety of reports, nearly all related to St. Cloud State.  Many of the reports are related to students, including enrollment, ACT profiles of incoming freshmen, grade distribution, and faculty-student ratios.  Other reports are arranged by topic and are listed individually to facilitate access.

Other significant records include those that give a snapshot of St. Cloud State University. This includes the Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS), 1966-1980, to the federal government's Department of Education. HEGIS reported on student enrollment, campus facilities devoted to instruction, finances of the university, and degrees awarded. The summary of academic data, dating from 1982 to 2003, compiled information at the department, college and university level about students and student enrollment, including year, gender and major, faculty and staff, credits generated, and class size.

Microfiche is included in this series, likely reports run from the office's database. By academic term, these records report on student enrollment, faculty, instructional load, courses offered and their history, ethnic and racial background of students, students martial status, and transfers to St. Cloud State.

University Archives does have digital records taken from this office's website but are not included in this finding aid.

Institutional Effectiveness
Records of Kaleidoscope
12 · Collection · 1990-2020+

This collection contains literary and artistic publications that have been put together by students, faculty, and staff at St. Cloud State University.  The items in this collection date from 1990 to 2006.  Additions to this collection may be ongoing.

The magazine is funded through an SCSU Cultural Diversity Committee allocation and is sponsored through St. Cloud State’s writing center, the Write Place.  The contributors to the magazine retain all rights to their work(s).  Kaleodiscope is published once a year.

More information on the publication, including submissions guidelines. Past issues can be found at the following website: There may be issues on the website that University Archives does not have physical copies for and vice versa.

St. Cloud State University
Records of KVSC
161 · Collection · 1965-2015+

This collection consists of 12 boxes and one oversize folder that contain the records of St. Cloud State University's radio station, KVSC-FM. The vast majority of the records relate to programming, trivia contests, and station management. The records are from 1965-2015. Additions to this collection may be ongoing.

The records are arranged in four series, which are as follows:

Series 1: Administrative Records, 1965-1990

This series contains records pertaining to budgets, station management, and publications, as well as major changes in the organizational structure, physical space, and radio engineering. The records are organized alphabetically first and then by date. Budget information includes requests, equipment purchases and alottments. This series also includes: FCC license applications, license renewals, construction applications, correspondence, records that relate to the station's power increase and switch from 88.5 to 88.1, equipment and space construction, listener surveys, and the proposal to hire a full time staff person. Publications include brochures and newsletters, as well as issues of Reverb, a music magazine published by KVSC from 1986 to 1990.

Series 2: Radio and Television Guild, 1971-1986

This series consists of meeting minutes and constitution revisions for the Radio and Television Guild, the student organization that managed the station for a time from KVSC's first day through its early years. Subjects covered in the minutes include: guild budgets, trivia contest discussions, other promotional activities, staffing, and programming decisions.

Series 3: Programming, 1967-1988

This series contains program guides and program logs from KVSC's first day on the air in May 1967 through 1971. There are some logs after 1971 here. These records provide detailed information about the type of programs broadcast by KVSC and when they aired.

Series 4: Trivia, 1980-2015

This series contains information about KVSC's annual trivia contest weekend, which began in 1980. The records include trivia answer books, t-shirts, and posters.

Records of Normalia
21 · Collection · 1892-1904

93 monthly issues of the Normalia were published between 1892 and 1904. Totaling between 20-28 pages for each issue, 8-10 issues were published a year. Faculty, and later, students, were responsible for the content.

The Normalia was a mix of a traditional newspaper and journal. Much of each issue was devoted to journal articles that were written by students and faculty of St. Cloud State. Topics for these articles widely ranged, though much focused on education. Articles varied from studies of children who were attending the model school to biographies of historical figures to original fiction. Especially fascinating were letters written by students and alum fighting in the Spanish-American War in 1899 and 1900. Overall, Normalia gives a sense of what those on campus were studying and interested in.

There is some information about the happenings of campus in the Normalia . It mostly deals with students, faculty, and alums, including visits of alums to campus, travels of current students and faculty, as well as listing positions held by of alum. Many final issues of the academic year were devoted to the presentations of graduates at commencement. Other topics include meetings of the Literary Club, athletics, including football, hockey, and basketball, and scattered images of campus and campus personalities.

St. Cloud State University
30 · Collection · 1875-1940

This series contains academic transcripts of St. Cloud State students who attended the university between the 1870s and 1940.

Information about each student that attended and/or graduated from St. Cloud State University include the classes they attended, the term the class was taken, and the grade received.  If the student graduated, a pledge was signed to teach in public schools in Minnesota. The transcript provides information where and when the student taught.

In addition, the transcripts are a wealth of biographical information about the student.  Information includes: when and to what class admitted, age when admitted, graduation date, residence, birthplace, high school attended, last school attended, and name, occupation, and nationality of parents.

Records and Registration