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St. Cloud State University
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Maybelle McAllister Papers

  • 226
  • Collection
  • 1920-1922

The collection contains a book of letters addressed to Maybelle from her fellow dorm mates, desk mates, and teachers during her last year on campus. These letters wished her well, spoke of her character, and the hope of future correspondence. The photo album is a collection of photographs taken by Maybelle during her time in the St. Cloud State Camera Kraft student club. Photos show buildings on campus and the surrounding area, inlcuding some still standing today (such as Shoemaker and Lawrence Halls and Whitney House), as well as classmates, children, and the scenery around campus.

McAllister, Maybelle

Records of Tau Kappa Epsilon

  • 228
  • Collection
  • 1960-1970

These records contain two scrapbooks, one bound and the other not, depicting life within the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at St, Cloud State University. The bound scrapbook was created to act as a history of the fraternity, and is in mostly in chronological order. The scrapbooks cover the events that the fraternity was involved with such as Homecoming parade, Halloween, and Sno-days. The scrapbooks also documents other events hosted by TKE including spaghetti dinners, rush weeks, parent days, and ‘Playboy Parties’. In addition, they also contain member activities such as outings, vacations, and pledges.

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Records of the Center for Student Organizations and Leadership Development

  • 49
  • Collection
  • 1931-2012+

This collection contains records from (and about) the Center for Student Organizations and Leadership Development, often called CSOLD.  The records date from 1931-2012, with the vast majority of the items pertaining to the plethora of student organizations that have existed over the years.  Additions to this collection may be ongoing.

The collection is arranged into eight series, which are as follows:

Series 1: Administrative Records, 1954-1987

This series consists of financial information and minutes for the collection.  Included within the financial records are items related to budget requests, allotments, disbursements, and expenditures. The items connected with the minutes include agendas, memos, and correspondence.  The records are organized first by financial information, followed by minutes, and then chronologically within.

Series 2: Atwood Board of Governors, 1965-1977, 1992

This series contains administrative records such as minutes and the constitution for the Atwood Board of Governors, which was a group that developed, organized, and implemented programs which served the cultural, educational, recreational, and social interests of the study body.  Also included are budget requests and a few brochures of happenings at Atwood Memorial Center such as film nights.

Series 3: Events, 1960-2002

The records in this series pertain to events bringing the campus community together, such as Homecoming and New Student Days.  The collection includes administrative records and brochures for each event, along with photographs for celebrations such as Mainstreet (1993-1995) and the Husky Hoopla.

Series 4: Major Events Council, 1970-1978

This series contains agendas, minutes, financial records, correspondence, brochures and fliers.  The Major Events Council was responsible for the development and administration of major programs which serve the cultural, educational, recreational, and social interests of the students and staff/faculty.  Included are fliers and brochures for programs put on by the Council, such as the Classical Concert Series and Performing Artists Series,

Series 5: Photographs, Miscellaneous, 1989-1999

This is undoubtedly the smallest series in the overall collection, barely filling one folder.  Included are miscellaneous photographs of students on campus, at the bookstore, eating, and at a Student Organizations office.

Series 6: Publications, 1972-2012

This is a relatively small series which consists of publications regarding student life on campus.  The Student Organization Guidebooks discusses relevant University and student organization policies, such as conduct, finances, event planning, etc.  The Soothsayer was a magazine about St. Cloud College and college life that was published during the 1970s.  It was sponsored and developed by the Office of Student Activities.

Series 7: Student Organizations, 1931-2000

The bulk of the collection is in this series, which resides in boxes 12-38.  The Student Organization files are arranged alphabetically, starting with Abelism Awareness to Zeta Sigma Chi.  The student clubs are quite diverse, with everything from fraternities and sororities to the Star Trek Society and Jugglers Against Oppression.  The items in these files include correspondence, organization recognition forms, organization membership rosters, and budget requests.  Some also include directories.

Series 8: Excellence in Leadership: 1988-2009

This series is arranged chronologically.  Files for each year begin with any correspondence or administrative records for the year, and are then followed by the files for the student winners.  The records for the students include their applications for the award, reference letters, and sometimes headshots.

The first Annual Awards Banquet took place on April 30, 1989.  Students who won the Excellence in Leadership awards were ones who had demonstrated contributions to St. Cloud State University and the local community.  The criteria for selecting award recipients include(d) leadership, creativity, social responsibility, and/or active participation in the campus and/or community.  Students also had to be enrolled for at least 12 credits and have completed 144 credits with a 3.25 or higher grade point average.

Center for Student Organizations and Leadership Development

Records of the Department of History

  • 214
  • Collection
  • 1957-2014

This collection contains records from the Department of History at St. Cloud State University. Items in this collection date from 1957 to 2014, the majority of which are from the late 1960s to late 1980s. The collection contains various administrative records and department minutes and memorandum.

These records are arranged in two series:

Series 1: Administrative Records

This series contains a variety of administrative records. Information relating to courses, curriculum, budgets, enrollments, graduate programs, semester conversion, and program review are found here. This series also contains records for Phi Apha Theta, History club, the now former Central Minnesota Historical Center, department newsletters, the NDEA Institute for Advanced Study, and the Northern Great Plains History Conference. Additionally, there are records pertaining to the general St. Cloud State oral history project and the writing of A Centennial History of St. Cloud State College.

Series 2: Minutes and Memorandum

This series contains records of history faculty department meeting minutes and department memorandum from 1957 to 1999.


Records of Theatre L'Homme Dieu

  • 39
  • Collection
  • 1960-2010

This collection contains records from Theatre L'Homme Dieu along with the Performing Arts Foundation at St. Cloud State University.  There are 21 boxes and two oversized folders in the collection; the items date from 1960-2010.  Additions to this series may be ongoing.

The collection is arranged into six series, which are as follows:

Series 1:  Administrative Records, 1960-2010

This series includes records pertaining directly to the Performing Arts Foundation; these include minutes, building plans, correspondence and memorandum, financial statements and grant applications, and historical information.  Blueprints are located in the oversize cabinets, drawer 15, and are in chronological order.

Series 2: Biographical Files, Various Dates

This series contains photographs (mainly head shots) and resumes of Theatre L'Homme Dieu's actors, actresses, and directors.  Photos may be duplicated in the Play Files.

Series 3: Correspondence, 1960-1995, 2002-2003

This series includes correspondence regarding the theatre, both to and from the public.  Common themes in the correspondence collection include reviews and requests of productions from the public along with the theatre advertising and looking for sponsers.

Series 4: Photographs, 1961-1995

This series includes photographs of Theatre L'Homme Dieu's buildings along with photographs of unidentified performances and performers.

Series 5: Play Files, 1961-2007

This series includes play programs, news clippings, box office reports, and attendance records.  The collection also includes photographs, slides, and negatives, with the majority being photographs.  These shots include not only the productions but often headshots as well.  The headshots may also be duplicated in the Biographical Files.

Series 6: Publications and Press Coverage, 1960-2008

This series includes press clippings regarding the theatre.  Posters are located in the oversize cabinets, drawer 17, and are in chronological order.

Theatre L'Homme Dieu

Ruth A. Thompson Papers

  • 223
  • Collection
  • 1916-1924

In a single scrapbook dating from 1916 to 1924, Thompson documents her life.  As recorded in the scrapbook while at St. Cloud State, Thompson participated in various social activities and documents it with associated memorabilia. The scrapbook contains tickets for football games, banquets, and artistic performances she attended not only at St. Cloud State but at other Minnesota colleges such as St. Olaf and Carlton College, and includes programs to these events. The scrapbook also contains letters addressed to her as a resident of Lawrence Hall still in their envelopes, as well as holiday greeting cards (Christmas and Valentines Day), and short notes. The scrapbooks also includes housing receipts, class completion certifications, as well as letters of job offers from St. Paul Public Schools.

Thompson, Ruth A.

St. Cloud State University Histories

  • 25
  • Collection
  • 1944-1994

Several histories have been written about St. Cloud State University since 1944, some brief, some much longer.

Sue Henrikson Papers

  • 224
  • Collection
  • 1953-1957

The papers contain two scrapbooks with photos, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, ticket stubs, programs, and memorabilia in regards to the her social life at St. Cloud Teachers College from 1953 to 1957. Materials document a variety of a topics, including freshman orientation camp at Lake Kronos, elected student officials, student dances, celebrity visits (Duke Ellington dance), Henrikson’s class schedule, honor student certificates, letters from home, Al Sirat social fraternity gatherings and events, Minerva Society socials and events, Associated Women Student (AWS) events and members, Religion in Life Week (RIL) committee members, theater, and Choral Club performances.

Henrikson, Sue