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S-2081 · Collection · 1989-1993

This is a collection of material created and acquired from 129 mostly central Minnesota WWII veterans. The collection has 116 separate oral histories done from 1989 to 1993 for a project headed by St. Cloud State University History faculty member David Overy.

The material included that are not oral histories range from newspaper clippings, photographs, and paperwork related to an individual's service in the military, as well as souvenirs picked up while in Europe and from European Axis forces.

Most veterans included in this collection have an oral history with a handful that do not.  Also included material the veterans donated that relate to their experiences to go along with the oral histories that were conducted.

If there was no oral history for an individual, it was noted.

A few veterans had served solely during the Korean War and some served both in WWII and in Korea.

S-1 · Collection · 1936-1939

The collection consists of over 1500 biographical sketches created by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) during the years from 1936 through 1939 of early settlers of Stearns County, Minnesota, who lived predominantly during the 1800s, though a few can be dated to the late 1700s. By keeping their focus on the "common" person in society, the WPA biographies present examples of how the working class spent their lives. In addition, there are several immigrant accounts that share struggles and triumphs of settling in Stearns County.

A combination of interviews, information taken from books or newspapers, census data and courthouse records are put together in these files to create as complete of a genealogical picture as possible. All files are different - some may contain a combination of an interview summary, information taken from published sources, and census data and courthouse from the Stearns County courthouse. If the interview is not conducted with the subject themselves, they were usually conducted with a family member. This information is listed at the end of each sketch along with the name of the interviewer. Birth and death dates were included if known. It is believed that the people presented in these biographies were selected at random which come from diverse backgrounds. Some of the subjects discuss their interactions with Native Americans, while others briefly talk about their daily routine.

Included with these biographies is A Report on The Stearns County, Minnesota Biographical Sketches, written in 1983 by undergaduate student Marilyn Salzl Brinkman. This detailed report focuses on the analyzation of demographic data and interpretation of the agriculture-based subjects the WPA interviewed.

S-1999 · Collection · 1980-1981

The Wright-Way Shopper began on June 27, 1980. The publication included historic reviews of the communities in the Wright County area. It was also designed as a vehicle for advertisers who wanted a large yet concentrated coverage for his/her business or company in the Wright County area. It was published on a bi-monthly basis and each issue contained a feature story on town histories, landmarks, institutions, or special events.

On June 23, 1981, the name changed to Wright-Way...Sher-Way Shopper to include Sherburne County. The paper became a weekly publication, and included in the paper were television listings and several syndicated columns.

Wright-Way...Sher-Way Shopper