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John C. Boehm Papers
S-2083 · Collection · 1902-1926

The collection consists of numerous receipts and documents dated from 1902 through 1926. These receipts are from local businesses in St. Cloud, and these receipts reflects the day-to-day business activities of John C. Boehm. There is also a biographical sketch of Boehm in the first folder. Also included are two journals, one of which is a listing of Dr. Boehm's clients from July 6, 1894 through March 18, 1895 with his fee for services. The second journal includes a index listing names of various individuals, organizations, and businesses, each designated a with a number.

Boehm, John C.
John Fischer Papers
103 · Collection · 1985-1987

The papers of John Fischer contain various drafts of two published books. The books are Harold Robbins Presents: High Stakes (1986) and Harold Robbins Presents: Station Break (1987).

The papers show the evolution of the writing of the books, demonstrating how Fluke and Fischmann created, crafted, and revised the stories over time.

Series 1: Harold Robbins Presents: High Stakes (1986)

The series contains three drafts and other material related to the writing of Harold Robbins Presents: High Stakes.

Series 2: Harold Robbins Presents: Station Break (1987)

The series contains three drafts and other material related to the writing of Harold Robbins Presents: Station Break.

Fischer, John
John T. Clawson Papers
S-1841 · Collection · 1960-1980

This collection consists of constituent correspondences and subject correspondences of various topics. The subject correspondences cover a wide range of political topics in which Clawson showed interest in during his time in office. Within the subject correspondences are a wide range of miscellaneous material such as press releases, meeting minutes, campaign materials, newsletters, invitations, newspaper clippings, speeches, memos, reports, and weekly schedules. The collection is divided into two series: Constituent Correspondence and Subjects of Interest.

Clawson, John T.
John T. Kosloske Papers
S-55 · Collection · 1942-1971

This collection contains a large number of constituent and legislative correspondences. Not all issues or subjects discussed in these correspondences are listed above, the description listed above only list a small selection of subjects discussed in these correspondences. The collection also contains a number of folders concerning political reports and letters, the Liberal Caucus minutes and notices, campaign material, newspaper articles, booklets, bills and legislation, and other material related to Kosloske’s time in office and material concerning Minnesota.

Kosloske, John T.
Jon Hassler Papers
101 · Collection · 1976-1987

The papers of Jon Hassler contain various drafts of four published books and one unpublished manuscript, as well as drafts for a play based on a published book.  These are Staggerford (1977), Simon's Night (1979) (including a play based on this book), The Love Hunter (1981), The Book of Brendan (unpublished, early 1980s), and A Green Journey (1985).  There is also a small amount of material, including audio and video, concerning events at St. Cloud State University related to Hassler's gift of material to the University Archives.

The papers show the evolution of the writing of the books, demonstrating how Hassler created, crafted, and revised the stories over time.

Material not in series:

This material includes St. Cloud State events related to the donation by Jon Hassler (including video and audio), as well as clippings, biographical information, and images. Also included here are uncut galley proofs for Staggerford, Simon's Night, and The Love Hunter.

Series 1: Staggerford (1977)

This series contains three drafts, a copy-edited draft and a small amount of material related to Staggerford.

Series 2: Simon's Night (1979)

This series contains mostly three drafts and a copy-edited draft of Simon's Night.

Series 3: Simon's Night: A Play

Two drafts are included in this series of a play based on Simon's Night.

Series 4: The Love Hunter (1981)

Included in this series are five drafts, as well as a copy-edited typescript.

Series 5: The Book of Brendan

Never published, the Book of Brendan served as source material for Grand Opening (1987) and North of Hope (1990).  The books follow the childhood of boy Brendan Foster and his family.

This series includes at least two drafts of this unpublished manuscript, including material separated by chapter.

Series 6: A Green Journey (1985)

Included in this are five drafts of this book, as well as the galley proofs.

Hassler, Jon
Joseph P. Wilson Papers
S-73 · Collection · 1851 - 1869

This collection contains materials related to Joseph P. Wilson. The majority of the collection are letters written between 1851 and 1869 to Joseph P. Wilson, from Joseph P. Wilson, or about his business interests. The letters include a proposal written by Wilson to the president of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company about the St. Cloud and Minneapolis railroad, references to Wilson’s involvement with the James L. Fisk expeditions to Montana in the early 1860s, and information relating to his business in mercantile and railroads. In addition, there is mention of the aftermath of the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 in Minnesota.

A number of the letters detail the legal counsel Wilson provided to his brother-in-law, William A. Corbett, regarding a land dispute in St. Augusta, Minnesota. The collection of letters also contains information about the platting of land in and around St. Cloud. Other authors besides Wilson include William A. Corbett, [sister?] A. B. Wilson, and brother John L. Wilson.

The collection also includes transcriptions of all the letters transcribed by Kasey Solomon. Information that is torn, faded, or otherwise unclear is noted with brackets and a question mark.

All documents were scanned and are available for download. Also included for download are the letter transcriptions.

Wilson, Joseph P.
Kenneth Cox Papers
232 · Collection · 1960-1968

This collection consists of ten scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, photos, and various correspondence detailing the events and athletes of Kenneth Cox’s career as wrestling coach for St. Cloud State between 1963 and 1967. Scrapbooks contain news coverage on Hazewinkel and Nelson twins, who wrestled at St. Cloud State during the time Cox was head wrestling coach.  The scrapbooks also document the completion of Halenbeck Hall, 1964 Olympic Trials in wrestling, World’s Fair in New York City, and the 1966 National NAIA wrestling championships hosted by St. Cloud State.

Cox, Kenneth
LaVyrle Spencer Papers
105 · Collection · 1980-1997

The papers of LaVyrle Spencer contain various drafts of nearly all of her published books. Published books with papers contained in this collection include The Endearment (1982), Hummingbird (1983), A Promise to Cherish (1983), The Hellion (1984), Sweet Memories (1984), Twice Loved (1984), Separate Beds (1985), Spring Fancy (1985), The Gamble (1987), Years (1987), Vows (1988), Morning Glory (1989), Bitter Sweet (1990), Forgiving (1991), Bygones (1992), November of the Heart (1993), Family Blessings (1994), Home Song (1995), That Camden Summer (1996), Then Came Heaven (1997), and Small Town Girl (1997).

The papers show the evolution of the writing of the books, demonstrating how Spencer created, crafted, and revised the stories over time.

Series 1: Miscellaneous

This series contains a small amount of material related to Spencer’s life as well as fan mail.

Series 2: Published Works

The series contains drafts of many of Spencer’s published books. Many of the books, especially those early in Spencer’s writing career, have more than one draft. These include original typescripts with handwritten revisions and other corrections, copy-edited manuscripts, and, often times, author galleys.

Series 3: Foreign Language Books

Contained in this series are foreign language translations of many of Spencer’s novels. Languages include Spanish, Polish, and German. These are not accessible through the online catalog.

Spencer, LaVyrle
183 · Collection · 1970-1988

These oral histories were predominantly done in the 1970s with half conducted in 1973. Some date from the 1980s and early 1990s.  The majority of the interviews are with state legislators and the remaining are with mayors, city councilmen, campaign managers, party managers, widows of politicians, and US Congressmen.  All of the participants were men except three (who were widows) and represented Central Minnesota communities ranging from Sandstone to Brainerd to those locations just north of the Twin Cities.

With some variance, all participants were asked similar questions including personal and family history in Minnesota, early political interests and activities, committee assignments, sponsored bills, the campaign and election process, the legislative process, and their future plans in politics.  Unique questions were asked of individuals as the interview unfolded.  Certain political issues that were significant in the early 1970s are common topics including new party designation requirements, lengths of terms, legislator salaries, and the impact of Nixon’s landslide victory in 1972 on local elections.  The Watergate scandal is also discussed in several interviews.

Since the legislators’ service collectively goes back to 1935, the changes in the atmosphere, organization, and membership of the legislature are discussed in several oral histories.  Many of the interviews reference other participants in this oral history collection. For many, the interview often took place at the beginning or middle of their political careers.

Brief biographical sketches and interview notes are given for all participants.  Type of office, terms of service, and constituency represented are also listed.  Transcripts of interviews are available unless otherwise noted below.

Some interviews were actually transcribed. The typewritten transcripts were keyed into a Word document but have not been checked against the audio. Past experiences has suggested that the transcripts may not be complete. In the meantime, the transcripts are available here as PDFs.

Mark Thompson Papers
Collection · 1973 - 1975

This collection of material contain images of St. Cloud State sporting events, particularly track, as well as other campus events such as the appearances of Vincent Price and Bill Cosby.

It also includes four folder of images taken by Thompson's classmate Candy Stanton.

Mark Thompson