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Joseph P. Wilson Papers
S-73 · Collection · 1851 - 1869

This collection contains materials related to Joseph P. Wilson. The majority of the collection are letters written between 1851 and 1869 to Joseph P. Wilson, from Joseph P. Wilson, or about his business interests. The letters include a proposal written by Wilson to the president of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company about the St. Cloud and Minneapolis railroad, references to Wilson’s involvement with the James L. Fisk expeditions to Montana in the early 1860s, and information relating to his business in mercantile and railroads. In addition, there is mention of the aftermath of the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 in Minnesota.

A number of the letters detail the legal counsel Wilson provided to his brother-in-law, William A. Corbett, regarding a land dispute in St. Augusta, Minnesota. The collection of letters also contains information about the platting of land in and around St. Cloud. Other authors besides Wilson include William A. Corbett, [sister?] A. B. Wilson, and brother John L. Wilson.

The collection also includes transcriptions of all the letters transcribed by Kasey Solomon. Information that is torn, faded, or otherwise unclear is noted with brackets and a question mark.

All documents were scanned and are available for download. Also included for download are the letter transcriptions.

Wilson, Joseph P.
208 · Collection · 1890-1894

This collection contains the records of the Normal Athletic Club.  Included is one meeting minutes book.

Normal Athletic Club
201 · Collection · 1898-1900

This collection contains the records of the Senior Model Debating Society.  Included is one meeting minutes book.

Senior Model Debating Society
198 · Collection · 1887-1903

This collection contains the records of St. Cloud Normal Literary Society. Included in the collection are: one book of financial statements, and six books of minutes.  Most of the minutes detail new members, elected postiions, resignations, and club program outlines.  The programs often included speeches, recitations, debates, solo performances, and readings.

St. Cloud Normal Literary Society
Records of Normalia
21 · Collection · 1892-1904

93 monthly issues of the Normalia were published between 1892 and 1904. Totaling between 20-28 pages for each issue, 8-10 issues were published a year. Faculty, and later, students, were responsible for the content.

The Normalia was a mix of a traditional newspaper and journal. Much of each issue was devoted to journal articles that were written by students and faculty of St. Cloud State. Topics for these articles widely ranged, though much focused on education. Articles varied from studies of children who were attending the model school to biographies of historical figures to original fiction. Especially fascinating were letters written by students and alum fighting in the Spanish-American War in 1899 and 1900. Overall, Normalia gives a sense of what those on campus were studying and interested in.

There is some information about the happenings of campus in the Normalia . It mostly deals with students, faculty, and alums, including visits of alums to campus, travels of current students and faculty, as well as listing positions held by of alum. Many final issues of the academic year were devoted to the presentations of graduates at commencement. Other topics include meetings of the Literary Club, athletics, including football, hockey, and basketball, and scattered images of campus and campus personalities.

St. Cloud State University
Andrew Lindgren Papers
160 · Collection · 1906-1909

This collection contains one photo album of images taken by St. Cloud State alum Andrew Lindgren between 1906 and 1909. These images comprise of most of the early images of St. Cloud State.

The majority of the photographs were taken of campus and the surrounding St. Cloud area. The album also includes photographs from cities in Minnesota, including St. Paul, Minneapolis, Silver Creek, Watab, Stillwater, Buffalo, Monticello, Spicer, and Verndale, as well as spots across the United States and Canada. These include Salt Lake City, Portland (Oregon), Annapolis (Maryland), Cripple Creek (Colorado), Seattle, Denver, New Orleans, New York City, Cape Cod, and Hawaii. There are also images from British Columbia and Novia Scotia in Canada as well as Panama.

Some copies, via photography of the originals in which negatives were created, were made sometime in the 1980s and 1990s from the photo album by St. Cloud State. Only a selection was done, especially those images of campus and around St. Cloud. The printed image copies are in order as they appear in the album.

Lindgren, Andrew
3 · Collection · 1890-1910

Contained in this collection are 832 William Henry Jackson chromolithographs. Total number of images, including duplicates, are 1243. The images are organized by serial number, including those that are duplicates. If an image has duplicates, the number of additional copies are noted after the caption in the finding aid.

The description of each image is the caption as printed on the chromolithograph. Copyright of these images, as stamped on the chromolithograph are all dated few years before and after 1900. Images depicted on the chromolithographs are from Europe, especially Germany, Austria, and Great Britain, and North America. Subjects shown include prominent buildings or groups of buildings, views of cities, country sides, and mountains, such as Yellowstone, cliff dwellings in Colorado, Washington, D.C., and Niagara Falls.

The Library of Congress has many of these chromolithographs already scanned and available in different file formats, including as TIF files. Those already scanned by the Library of Congress were not scanned again; instead, a link is provided for under each image that is available through the Library of Congress. Those that were not available through the Library of Congress have been scanned and are available through the Repository @ St. Cloud State.

Jackson, William Henry
202 · Collection · 1913-1917

This collection contains the records of the Philomathian Society.  Included is one meeting minutes book.

Philomathian Society
22 · Collection · 1916-1918

10 monthly issues of the Normal School Recorder were published by students between 1916 and 1918.

The Normal School Recorder was a mix of a traditional newspaper and journal. Most of each issue was devoted to journal articles that were written by St. Cloud State students. Articles focused a great deal on campus; students wrote about family members, travel, athletics, student literary clubs, arrival and departure of faculty, and experience with others or events on campus. The publication often reported on the whereabouts and happenings of recent graduates. Especially fascinating were the stories about World War I, many documenting what was happening on campus, as well as the experiences of students and alums who were serving as soldiers.

All issues are available online. To see online, click on each issue in the finding aid and go to link in the Scope and Content Note. The issues can be found at

St. Cloud State University
Maybelle McAllister Papers
226 · Collection · 1920-1922

The collection contains a book of letters addressed to Maybelle from her fellow dorm mates, desk mates, and teachers during her last year on campus. These letters wished her well, spoke of her character, and the hope of future correspondence. The photo album is a collection of photographs taken by Maybelle during her time in the St. Cloud State Camera Kraft student club. Photos show buildings on campus and the surrounding area, inlcuding some still standing today (such as Shoemaker and Lawrence Halls and Whitney House), as well as classmates, children, and the scenery around campus.

McAllister, Maybelle