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Jane Grey Swisshelm Papers
1 · Collection · 1856-1969

The Swisshelm collection contain letters, newspaper clippings, and photographs.

Most notable are the letters. Most of the letters are copies and transcripts of the originals. These letters were written by Henry Z. Mitchell, Henry Swisshelm, and Jane Grey Swisshelm. The letters from Jane Swisshelm were written to the Mitchell family in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Jane Swisshelm’s younger sister, Elizabeth, was married to Henry Z. Mitchell. They were parents to William B. Mitchell, who would later become the St. Cloud State University resident director (1877-1901) to the Minnesota State College Board.

There are two original Swisshelm letters, written in 1867 and 1883, both to the Mitchell family.

The collection also contains journal articles and newspaper clippings, as well as a small number of images, including three portraits of Jane Swisshelm.

To see the letters online, click on each letter in the finding aid and go to link in the Scope and Content Note. The letters can be found at

Swisshelm, Jane Grey Cannon
10 · Collection · 1923-2003

These records contain St. Cloud State University and its predecessors yearbooks, dating 1924 to 1998. After 1971, yearbooks were published sporadically until 1998. Names include the Talahi (1924-1979), New Student Record (1983-1996), and Husky Life (1998).

Arranged chronologically, the yearbooks focus mainly on student life. The yearbooks, which were produced by students, provides a snapshot of activities, students, and other information that happened during a specific academic year (i.e. 1933/34, 1960/61) and the content can vary widely from year to year. Included in nearly all the yearbooks are portraits of senior classmen, sometimes of other underclassmen groups. Group portraits of student clubs and groups are also included, as well as images of athletic teams, sometimes as a team portrait and in action.

St. Cloud State University
100 · Collection

In 1969, St. Cloud State celebrated the centennial of it's establishment by the state of Minnesota in 1869. Many activities were planned that surrounded this anniversary. These volumes document those activities as well as the residential community that encomposed the campus, which stood almost exclusively on the Mississippi River along 1st Avenue South between 6th and 9th Street South.

L. Ruth Cadwell, a faculty member at St. Cloud State between 1924 and 1966, was responsible for the gathering and organization of information and images of these volumes. She organized them into nine separate volumes. This collection contains two sets of these volumes, though volume 8 is not included here.  According to the foreword that appears in volume 1, there are differences between the two sets, which are marked appropriately on the spine of each volume. The foreword reads, "Because of the difficulty of collecting materials it was necessary to have some variation between set one and set two. Therefore, should you desire to view the complete materials collected, you are urged to study both copies of the St. Cloud State College Centennial set."

Series 1: History

Ms. Cadwell organized the history into nine separate volumes, some that have two or more parts.

Volume 1 - Early Use of the Present Site: In three parts, volume 1 documents the early uses of the 1969 campus. Photographs of houses that stood on campus are organized by street.

Volume 2 - The Centennial Begins: This volume contains historic images and documents regarding the history of St. Cloud State.

Volume 3 - Brochures, Invitations, and Programs: This volume contains a wide variety of material related to the events and other activities related centennial and for the 1968/69 academic year.

Volume 4 - Centennial Events: This volume contains images and other related material regarding events for the centennial, including the Centennial Hall groundbreaking and Heritage Day.

Volume 5 - News Releases:This volume contains news releases for events, fundraisers, and other activities related to St. Cloud State's centennial.

Volume 6 - News reports: In three parts, this volume contains newspaper clippings about the centennial. Part 1 contains 1960 to October 1968; Part 2 contains November 1968 to March 1969; and Part 3 contains April 1969 to June 1969.

Volume 7 - Communication to Obtain Materials for History: Copies of letters written by Ms. Cadwell requesting photographs of the campus site and the responses received.

Volume 8 - The Chronicle, July 1968 to June 1969: Both copies are part of these records and bound in black with the title "The Centennial: 1869-1969, A Heritage of Excellence," as well as indicated as volume 8.

Volume 9 - The Reporter, July 1968 to June 1969: The volume contains copies of the alum newsletter, The Reporter, as well as men's basketball programs.

Series 2: Negatives and Slides

This series contains negatives of various homes, buildings, and other views of the campus area. It is not clear if the negatives were taken from the photographs, or if the photographs were created from the negatives.

St. Cloud State University
Jon Hassler Papers
101 · Collection · 1976-1987

The papers of Jon Hassler contain various drafts of four published books and one unpublished manuscript, as well as drafts for a play based on a published book.  These are Staggerford (1977), Simon's Night (1979) (including a play based on this book), The Love Hunter (1981), The Book of Brendan (unpublished, early 1980s), and A Green Journey (1985).  There is also a small amount of material, including audio and video, concerning events at St. Cloud State University related to Hassler's gift of material to the University Archives.

The papers show the evolution of the writing of the books, demonstrating how Hassler created, crafted, and revised the stories over time.

Material not in series:

This material includes St. Cloud State events related to the donation by Jon Hassler (including video and audio), as well as clippings, biographical information, and images. Also included here are uncut galley proofs for Staggerford, Simon's Night, and The Love Hunter.

Series 1: Staggerford (1977)

This series contains three drafts, a copy-edited draft and a small amount of material related to Staggerford.

Series 2: Simon's Night (1979)

This series contains mostly three drafts and a copy-edited draft of Simon's Night.

Series 3: Simon's Night: A Play

Two drafts are included in this series of a play based on Simon's Night.

Series 4: The Love Hunter (1981)

Included in this series are five drafts, as well as a copy-edited typescript.

Series 5: The Book of Brendan

Never published, the Book of Brendan served as source material for Grand Opening (1987) and North of Hope (1990).  The books follow the childhood of boy Brendan Foster and his family.

This series includes at least two drafts of this unpublished manuscript, including material separated by chapter.

Series 6: A Green Journey (1985)

Included in this are five drafts of this book, as well as the galley proofs.

Hassler, Jon
John Fischer Papers
103 · Collection · 1985-1987

The papers of John Fischer contain various drafts of two published books. The books are Harold Robbins Presents: High Stakes (1986) and Harold Robbins Presents: Station Break (1987).

The papers show the evolution of the writing of the books, demonstrating how Fluke and Fischmann created, crafted, and revised the stories over time.

Series 1: Harold Robbins Presents: High Stakes (1986)

The series contains three drafts and other material related to the writing of Harold Robbins Presents: High Stakes.

Series 2: Harold Robbins Presents: Station Break (1987)

The series contains three drafts and other material related to the writing of Harold Robbins Presents: Station Break.

Fischer, John
Michael T. Hinkemeyer Papers
104 · Collection · 1971-1990

The papers of Michael Thomas Hinkemeyer contain various drafts of many published books, as well as papers of unpublished novels and other ideas.  The collection also includes books that he wrote using pseudonyms Vanessa Royall and Jan Lara. Published books with papers contained in this collection include The Dark Below (1974), Summer Solstice (1976), The Creator (1978), Flames of Desire (1978), Come Faith, Come Fire (1979), The Harbinger (1980), Firebrand’s Woman (1980), Lilac Night (1981), Wild Wind Westward (1982), Seize the Dawn (1983), A Time to Reap (1984), The Passionate and the Proud (1983), Fourth Down, Death (1985), Fires of Delight (1986), Limbo (1986), Soulcatchers (1990), and The Order of the Arrow (1990).

The papers show the evolution of the writing of the books, demonstrating how Hinkemeyer created, crafted, and revised the stories over time.

Series 1: Miscellaneous

This series contains a small amount of material related to Hinkemeyer’s life as well as records related to the donation and events surrounding his gift of papers to St. Cloud State University including audio and video.

Series 2: Published and Unpublished Works

The series contains drafts of many of Hinkemeyer’s published books, as well as other books that have not been published.  The unpublished books include Monahan: An American Tragedy, A Web of Time, Slow Death, and The Coming. A few books have more than one draft. These include original typescripts, handwritten revisions and other corrections.

Also in this series are uncut galley proofs for The Creator (1979) and The Harbinger (1980).

Hinkemeyer, Michael T.
LaVyrle Spencer Papers
105 · Collection · 1980-1997

The papers of LaVyrle Spencer contain various drafts of nearly all of her published books. Published books with papers contained in this collection include The Endearment (1982), Hummingbird (1983), A Promise to Cherish (1983), The Hellion (1984), Sweet Memories (1984), Twice Loved (1984), Separate Beds (1985), Spring Fancy (1985), The Gamble (1987), Years (1987), Vows (1988), Morning Glory (1989), Bitter Sweet (1990), Forgiving (1991), Bygones (1992), November of the Heart (1993), Family Blessings (1994), Home Song (1995), That Camden Summer (1996), Then Came Heaven (1997), and Small Town Girl (1997).

The papers show the evolution of the writing of the books, demonstrating how Spencer created, crafted, and revised the stories over time.

Series 1: Miscellaneous

This series contains a small amount of material related to Spencer’s life as well as fan mail.

Series 2: Published Works

The series contains drafts of many of Spencer’s published books. Many of the books, especially those early in Spencer’s writing career, have more than one draft. These include original typescripts with handwritten revisions and other corrections, copy-edited manuscripts, and, often times, author galleys.

Series 3: Foreign Language Books

Contained in this series are foreign language translations of many of Spencer’s novels. Languages include Spanish, Polish, and German. These are not accessible through the online catalog.

Spencer, LaVyrle
Max Partch Papers
106 · Collection · 1949-2003

This collection contains slides of nature-oriented images taken by Max Partch.  The images cover a wide variety of flora, fauna and landscape. Images include bird habitats and colonies, varieties of trees, damage and erosion both natural and man-made, nature formations such as cliffs, lakes, bluffs, ponds and marshes, and animals such as fox and beaver. Geographically, the images are primarily from Minnesota, in particular St. Cloud and Stearns County, but include locations in Wisconsin and Arizona.  Areas most depicted include the Cold Spring Heron Colony in Cold Spring, Minnesota, as well as other Minnesota heron colonies, nature sites including the prairie around Waubun, Minnesota, Englund Ecotone Preserve in Benton County, Minnesota, Partch Woods, St. Cloud, Minnesota, and other nature sites around Minnesota. Dates range from 1949 to 2003, but are heavily concentrated between 1949 and 1990.

Most slides contain an identifying number.  The numbers are unique, but do not correspond to any known system.  Most slides also contain a date, location, and brief description, though a few slides lack any additional descriptive information.  In some cases, the creator grouped ‘like’ items together for presentations and appearances, and that arrangement has been retained.

The descriptions for each slide was transcribed and included in the finding aid.

Partch, Max
11 · Collection · 1962-2020+

This collection contains literary and artistic publications that were put together by students and staff on the St. Cloud State University campus. The items in this collection date from 1962 to 2010. The publication is currently being called Upper Mississippi Harvest. Additions to this series may be ongoing.

Upper Mississippi Harvest is published annually by St. Cloud State University through funds generously allocated by the Student Government Finance Committee. It is distributed free to all SCSU students and staff. This literary and art magazine focuses on genres such as short fiction, poetry, art, and photography.

More information on the publication, including submission guidelines, can be found at the following website:

Circulating copies can also be found at Miller Center for Upper Mississippi Harvest at call number PS1 .U66x.

St. Cloud State University
Records of Kaleidoscope
12 · Collection · 1990-2020+

This collection contains literary and artistic publications that have been put together by students, faculty, and staff at St. Cloud State University.  The items in this collection date from 1990 to 2006.  Additions to this collection may be ongoing.

The magazine is funded through an SCSU Cultural Diversity Committee allocation and is sponsored through St. Cloud State’s writing center, the Write Place.  The contributors to the magazine retain all rights to their work(s).  Kaleodiscope is published once a year.

More information on the publication, including submissions guidelines. Past issues can be found at the following website: There may be issues on the website that University Archives does not have physical copies for and vice versa.

St. Cloud State University