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Albertina Anderson Papers
233 · Collection · 1892-1944

This collection conatins a wide variety of material. These include a biographical booklet on Albertina Anderson compiled by her grand-nephew, and records of her education at St. Cloud Teachers College, University of Minnesota, and Columbia University such as transcripts, class slips, and a notebook filled with class notes. Also present are her records of employment at St. Cloud Teachers College as well as records regarding retirement funds. Lastly, the collection includes Andersons hand written mathematic lesson plans, teaching materials, and few miscellaneous writings showcasing the academic standards of the time.

Anderson, Albertina
S-2116 · Collection · 1979 - 1989

This collection contains information on the Minnesota Chapter of the American Association of University Professors. The majority of the contents dates from 1976-1989. The collection consists of minutes from the meetings, quarterly membership rosters from the Minnesota Chapter, the Minnesota Academe Newsletter, treasurer’s reports, and grant requests from conferences.

American Association of University Professors
Andrew Lindgren Papers
160 · Collection · 1906-1909

This collection contains one photo album of images taken by St. Cloud State alum Andrew Lindgren between 1906 and 1909. These images comprise of most of the early images of St. Cloud State.

The majority of the photographs were taken of campus and the surrounding St. Cloud area. The album also includes photographs from cities in Minnesota, including St. Paul, Minneapolis, Silver Creek, Watab, Stillwater, Buffalo, Monticello, Spicer, and Verndale, as well as spots across the United States and Canada. These include Salt Lake City, Portland (Oregon), Annapolis (Maryland), Cripple Creek (Colorado), Seattle, Denver, New Orleans, New York City, Cape Cod, and Hawaii. There are also images from British Columbia and Novia Scotia in Canada as well as Panama.

Some copies, via photography of the originals in which negatives were created, were made sometime in the 1980s and 1990s from the photo album by St. Cloud State. Only a selection was done, especially those images of campus and around St. Cloud. The printed image copies are in order as they appear in the album.

Lindgren, Andrew
Architectural Drawings
157 · Collection · 1905-2000

Series 1: Architectural Drawings

This series contains architectural drawings related to current buildings and buildings that used to be on St. Cloud State’s campus. The collection features many projects from the early 20th century as well as several from the 1960s when St. Cloud State’s campus expanded significantly. Since many of these buildings are gone or have changed, these drawings are especially informative with regard to what these buildings originally looked like at the time of construction. Nearly all of the drawings show the building either as they were intended to be constructed or were constructed. There are few drawings that show changes to the building AFTER they were constructed.

Construction documents, the detailed plans and specifications used to construct a building or structure, make up the bulk of materials in these campus building projects. Some projects may include earlier drawings from the Schematic and Design Development phases, where projects go from concept to refined design before final approval, or later As Built drawings that show a building’s appearance after construction, which might differ from what Construction Documents indicate. Architectural drawings have their own unique numbering system. Older projects in this series may follow a simple numerical sequence. More recent projects follow an alphanumeric system. Drawings with sheet numbers starting with A are architectural, S are structural, M are mechanical, E are electrical, and SK are sketch. The majority of the drawings are copies or prints made from originals that would have been drawn on vellum or similar material or copies printed from an original digital format.

Series 2: Architectural Renderings

This series contains architectural renderings related to buildings on St. Cloud State’s campus. They were primarily used by the architectural designers for presentation purposes to convey a sense of what a finished project might look like. Renderings in this series include painted and hand drawn perspectives and prints of 3D computer models. Not all of the designs in the series were built.

St. Cloud State University
David L. Kiehle Papers

The contents of this collection cover the entire span of David L. Kiehle’s life, from 1837 to 1918, with materials pertinent to both his personal life and various educational ventures. It includes Kiehle’s 193 autobiography, various newspaper clippings regarding his multiple roles as an educator in Minnesota, and correspondence written between Kiehle and several of his colleagues and professional acquaintances. In addition, the collection includes several of Kiehle’s personal possessions, including multiple academic honors and awards granted to Kiehle, along with photographs of Kiehle and multiple members of his immediate family.

Kiehle, David L.
Don Sikkink Papers

These materials concern the academic activities of Don Sikkink, who was a former professor and administrator at St. Cloud State University between 1963 and 1990. They include Sikkink’s 2010 written recollections of his tenure at SCSU, along with a travel journal and slides taken during two SCSU faculty and student trips to China in fall 1985 and spring 1987. In 1985. the trip was to include a stop in Japan but travel difficulties prevented that.

Sikkink, Donald E.
Economic Impact Reports
Collection · 1962 - 1993

These materials measure and describe the economic impact of St. Cloud State University on the city of St. Cloud and neighboring communities between 1962 and 1993.

St. Cloud State University
45 · Collection · 1972-1997

This collection contains records from the Evelyn Payne Hatcher Museum of Anthropology, totaling 6 boxes. The documents begin with the opening of the museum in 1973, when it was known as the St. Cloud Museum of Man.

The records date from 1972-1997.  The majority of the records pertain to museum artifacts that have been accessioned and deaccessioned.

The collection is arranged into two series, which are as follows:

Series 1: Administrative Records, 1972-1997

This series consists of documents such as correspondence and memorandum, minutes and agendas, articles of incorporation and by-laws, etc.  The subject matter of the materials focuses on the day to day operations of the museum.   There are also pamphlets and photographs for exhibits that the museum hosted, many of which were devoted to Native American culture.

Series 2: Accession and Deaccession Catalogs, 1970s-1990s

This series consists of the accession and deaccession sheets that were kept by the museum for inventory of artifacts.  The records include the date the museum acquired the items, the condition of said items, and oftentimes photographs to identify them.  If an artifact was taken out of the collection, this information was also noted and listed as a deaccession.

Evelyn Payne Hatcher Museum of Anthropology
19 · Collection · 1969-1978

Edited by Francis and Ludmilla (Mil) Voelker, the papers are centered around the collection, creation, editing, and publishing of three editions of Mass Media: Forces in Our Society. The first edition was a publishing trend-setter, making articles by professionals in all areas of media readily available in one attractively designed source. The second edition received a Certificate of Excellence from the American Institute of Graphic Arts and was selected in the 1975 AIGA Learning Materials Show as one of 50 best designed books published that year.  The third and final edition appeared in 1978.

Voelker, Francis